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Confronting a Scandal

The Mornington Peninsula Human Rights Group held a Symposium on Torture on 5 May 2007 for forty people. After hearing short papers by five local citizens and a keynote address by ethicist and author Alan Nichols, those present developed an agreed statement condemning torture. 

This booklet contains the papers presented by five local citizens, and the keynote address by special guest, Canon Alan Nichols, AM. It also includes two additional papers, the ideas for which emerged during the general discussion. The first is an historical sketch of the use of torture by some liberal democracies during the last half-century. The second is a table of euphemisms to highlight the way language is manipulated by leaders and media to make that which is unacceptable appear acceptable.

 Confronting a Scandal

The Agreed Statement on Torture of the Mornington Peninsula Human Rights Group

Five Propositions Concerning Torture

  • Torture violates the inherent dignity of the human person.
  • Torture is rightly banned in international law.
  • Torture is unnecessary.
  • Torture is counterproductive.
  • Torture undermines a nation's moral authority.

 The Agreed Statement on Torture