Mornington Peninsula Human Rights Group

Promoting the understanding of, and respect for human rights

Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities:

In May 2015, Michael Brett Young, the State Government-appointed Reviewer of the Victorian Charter addressed our monthly meeting and we subsequently made a submission to the Review. MPHRG-Vic-Charter.pdf



In March 2015 we made a submission to the Mornington Peninsula Shire about a residential re-development proposal by S E Water for its redundant land in Kunyung Rd, Mt Eliza. The matter has since been sent to a Planning Panel by MPS and we will be following up with a presentation of our case for a substantial contribution by SEW towards social housing on the site. Social-Housing-Component-at-Kunyung-Road.pdf

 Operation Concern: a targetted letter-writing campaign was launched in 2010 to raise community consciousness about homelessness.

The report on Operation Concern has been sent to the Mornington Peninsula Shire, especially for the information of its Triple A Housing Committee. The report is available in the April issue of CONNECT.

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Aboriginal Human Rights:

The visit to the Old Treasury Building last October with members of Glenys Watts' Aboriginal Support and Development Team further strengthened our good relations with our local Aboriginal community.  Glenys spoke to the MPHRG meeting in April 2011.

Read the report of the visit.

Read more on our continuing actions on Aboriginal human rights.

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Refugees and asylum seekers:

The November meeting made two suggestions concerning these desperate people:

  • Organise a petition to the House of Representatives calling on the Government to increase the number of refugees admitted on humanitarian grounds. This was a suggestion to our Group in June 2010 by our local member, Greg Hunt. The drafting of a Petition is now underway.

  • Invite a speaker to give information to the Group on the rights of refugees and asylum seekers who are released into the community.

Read more on refugees and asylum seekers

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Commonwealth Human Rights Legislation:

The Government has not accepted the clear recommendation of the Brennan Committee that Australia needed a National Human Rights Act. However, the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, promised a Human Rights Framework which would provide money for an educational campaign, arrange for community consultations with government on human rights matters and legislate for the scrutiny of Bills and Acts against the standard of the seven United Nations human rights instruments that Australia has signed and ratified. We have welcomed this Framework as second best.

What are our next steps?


Victorian Human Rights Legislation:

Although the Attorney-General Robert Clark, while in opposition, threatened to repeal Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 it now seems likely that he will carefully review it with a view to substantial amendments.

Keep reading on our actions on this issue.